weekend of jewels

i know that when people shorten the name julie they spell jules, but when i think of my friend julie e i think of jewels. because that girl is an absolute gem.

we met while interning for a summer in dc and quickly found out we were kindred spirits and (at the dance clubs in the district) dancing soulmates. jewels is one of my favourite people on earth. it was such a treat to have her visit for a weekend.

we had a lot of fun and also i took a lot of pictures. i realize i went a little crazy on the collages here. but it's an efficient way to share all the beauty and gladness of julie's three days in san fran.

ike's sandwich (holy hannah incredibly yummy) picnic in dolores park and wandering around the mission:
gorgeous morning in north beach and scrumptious brunch at mama's:
lombard street and the palace of fine arts (where at least 15 asian tourists asked for a picture with uber-blond julie):
walking tour of the golden gate bridge (boy howdy the weather was glorious):
afternoon at stinson beach (it was warm enough to get in the ocean, and there was a baton twirler doing his thing - random and neat!):
japanese tea garden in golden gate park (misty and enchanting with a hint of autumn):
the conservatory of flowers:
strolling up and down haight street:
union square and riding a cable car up california street:
half moon bay pumpkin festival (with jane, blake and kelsey):
jewels and i decided to do boogie down with the country band at the festival:
see what i mean about dancing soulmates?
it was one of those weekends where come sunday your face aches from smiling.
i love those weekends, i love jewels, i love san francisco.


  1. I really love all these pictures charity... great great post. very pretty to look at.

  2. I just think you are having WAY too much fun! Remember this when you need to. How TERRIFIC that you can embrace life with such love and joy! Jules looks pretty terrific too!

    This looks almost as fun as NYC! Well, maybe even more fun because it's all new!

  3. Wow Cheech! You are collage master!
    I love it all!
    But love YOU more!