overwhelmed - the really good kind

i think maybe at least 30% of why i like living away from home is that i love the experience of coming home. there's nothing like it, and no matter how many times i do it, it never gets old. every time, i enjoy finding that sliver of my heart that i perpetually leave in utah.
as i spent the first few days of 2011 in home sweet home, i had several moments where i felt ENTIRELY OVERWHELMED with thankfulness for outrageously good friends and an unspeakably great family. do you know that almost-kind-of-painful gratitude where your heart just literally might burst open at the seams? woah, i am a lucky girl.
sheesh i love watching basketball with my brothers, and especially my mom. we both have big crushes on gordon hayward. and there is no better sunday dinner host than my oldest sister saren (who is seriously wonder woman). love her family's new house in ogden.
i ran around like crazy to see many of my most beloved friends, even if it was just for a few minutes. i snowshoed with julie, talked politics with cath & bert, explored sugarhouse with keri, had breakfast with janey, hugged megan, and laughed with katie and amy. one of the funnest reunions was with all 5 of the girls i was roommates with during my semester at byu (brittany, jessica, lisa, abby and jeanette). these are some of the finest women in the world.
december 2006 - #396 at the colony
april 2010 - three marriages and two missions later
january 2011 - one baby later!

holy smokes, i am blessed.


  1. :) :) :) :) - oh happy days.

  2. Could you possibly have any more fun? I don't think so. Love your outlook....always! You're the best!

  3. Ha ha, I love how Abby is wearing sweats in every picture. Oh how I love you all.

  4. Char, all I can say is you are AMAZING. I adore you. Just catching up on this blog makes me miss you more than ever...and makes my heart jump with excitement that I get to see you next week! Love you!

  5. FUN FUN FUN Pics! Thanks for being so good at taking pics all the time. I LOVE YOU!

  6. shoot!! Why didn't we get together! Too much to do, so little time I guess. But I would love to see you sometime, in person :) I guess blogging is better than nothin! I'm glad you had a great stay.