"a sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life." ~isadora james

golden threads spun this weekend:
-being with my sister-friends and my angel mom
-strolling on the beach in the sunshine
-hugs of reunion
-meeting new baby poem
-excellent conversation (the best!)
-a wide circle of pool chairs
-giggling like little girls
-being enchanted by fantastic contemporary ballet
-chinese fire drills on rodeo drive
-endless ripe raspberries at the resort's breakfast buffet
-the colors and textures in the gardens at the getty
-pearls of advice - spoken and unspoken

four sisters, four-sisters-in-law, one mum.
every year we have a "mothers and future mothers" conference.
i can't get over how blessed i am to have these women to look up to.
and - all the talk of breastfeeding, childbirth, etc. is really going to pay off one day.

p.s. speaking of my sisters - check this out. i have watched it 15 times and tear up every time! that's my sister!


  1. YOU were the spice here. MFME would be so boring without you! Loved being with you!

  2. I love you, Miss Charity! :) And you didn't know about my blog because I'm not really good at blogging. :)

    I miss you!! You are AMAZING!