some reasons why i love noah and kristi

i discovered these gems on kristi's computer tonight, and i laughed myself to tears.
i want to be them when i grow up.

i guess this is what they do after the kids go to bed?

or, they choreograph a dance to chris brown. this baby made a stunning (and spontaneous) public debut at the family reunion in july.

the pregnancy announcement video we never saw... the best part about this one is kristi just chilling in the background. totally normal day. and this was take five.

another reason i love noah and kristi is because they have made some stellar kids. i have had so much fun babysitting mckay, lyla and cubby here in sunny orange county this week - they crack me up!

i sincerely am grateful to this eyre family for showing me what i want and who i want to become.


  1. They crack me up too! How FUNNY! I needed a good laugh right now! When are they coming home? I'm thinkin' tonight. Hooray for you! You survived with flying colors!

  2. oh my gosh!!! we are still laughing so hard and it has been 20 minutes. this is awesome! we already stole one and posted it on our blog too...let's make these guys go viral! :)

  3. Those videos are the funniest ever! Love that Kristi and Noah!!!!

  4. I didn't get that text from you! How funny you sent that to me! I like how she is sitting on the sofa in her own world too! ps. still have a family crush.