we feel alive.

the post-christmas blizzard in boston was terrific.



included: an enchanting moonlit walk in the cemetery, and then another in the morning chill, lots of hot coco and cozy fires, sledding and snow angels, a potentially treacherous trip to wagamama’s (yum) in harvard square, a cruise around favorite spots in cambridge and back bay, eli’s famous chicken katsu curry, a trip to the boston museum of science, getting sick, late night talks, lots of saydi’s fantastic culinary creations, playing with christmas presents, movie night,

and … a visit to wellesley!


fun to go to all my old stomping grounds, and made me feel so grateful for my alma matter.

truly, it is swellesley.




wellesley girls, sisters and friends. saydi has always been and will always be my hero.

perfect christmastime. thanks for everything sayds!


  1. i was just looking through those pictures and I CANNOT believe you are a college grad and that you have served a mission and all that you have done...but mostly that you are my only little sister and that you are so grown up...and such a kid in some important and noteworthy ways. sheesh!

  2. I can't believe that you're my daughter either! How lucky are we to have this crazy passionate girl as part of our family! Thanks to Jonah we have one of those fabulous Wellesley lamps in our front "yard"! We LOVE it! Plus we're having the Wellesley tea here on Saturday. FUN!

  3. nice new blog layout!

    and I love it that you called the post swellesely. you are so awesome char.

    can't wait to hear about the midnight kiss.

    thanks again for making our christmas so awesome.