a tribute to an authentic bff


janer and chare at misty tennessee beach – mlk day hike

i have always idealized the concept of a childhood, then lifelong, best friend. so lucky for me, jane has been mine all through the years. we are so different, we’ve had a few falling-outs, we’ve both made other really great and close friends, but we have always maintained a completely unshakable and unique relationship that has been an outrageous blessing in my life. we’ve been through a lot together and, in many ways, with each other we found ourselves.

growing up we played in jane’s playhouse in her back yard, boogied to spice girls in her bedroom, took tennis lessons together, had countless sleepovers staying up late talking, danced and cheered together at good old east high and cruised past crushes’ houses in my car. we went to high school graduation together, and a few months later i moved away. i remember so many nights sitting on the carpet in the hallway outside my dorm room talking with jane on the phone. no matter how much distance came between us, we couldn’t go long without hearing each other’s voices. hers to me just sounds like velvety home – warm, familiar, cozy. and when we’ve reunited after months and months of separation, it’s always as if no time has passed and i’m inside myself again and things are in perspective and life is good.

except for a quick and fabulous summer stint in new york city together, jane and i haven’t lived in the same city since we were 18. that is, until five and a half months ago, when we both found ourselves in san francisco. when we were each considering moving here, i was careful to not get too giddy with anticipation, but it actually happened that we both ended up in the bay. and it has been a dream.

our days were numbered, though, as next week jane and her hubby are moving to singapore. i am so excited for them, but so so sad to see them leave san fran. on sunday mccaye and i threw a going-away party for these dear friends.




look at that spread! mccaye’s incredible desserts – chocolate lava cake, fruit tarts with snickerdoodle crust, white chocolate creme brule. she is a seriously a wonder in the kitchen! her creations amaze me everytime.


i had a lot of fun decorating with maps, polka-dot paper and singapore postcards!



i am down south for a few weeks, and by the time i get back, my janey will be on the other side of the world. she came by tuesday night for a couple minutes for a parting hug. it reminded me of so many similar moments of goodbye – before i headed to wellesley, before the mission, before she left for san fran months prior to my move. each time it feels like a quick stab to the heart, but it is always a “see you soon” and the farewell is so fleeting. because, really, since we helped make each other every year of our lives, we’re with each other wherever we go.

and i’m excited to visit in the moores in singapore! we’ll miss you, jane and blake!


  1. don't make me cry!
    oh my goodness. you are so so sweet chare.
    i love this post so much.

    the playhouse, the peachie gummy rings, the many memories in many cities!

    i love my best friend.
    thank you doll,

  2. Love this, and you! Hope you're having fun in LA and see you when you get back!

  3. How fun to see this! I'm so glad that Jane has been such a big part of our lives! You two are terrific and amazing!

  4. The pictures and party turned out cute!

  5. That going away party was so cute chare, though I could not expect any less from the hostess with the mostess.

  6. I remember having a long conversation with you about BFFs. I subscribe to the idea as well. And the falling out period(s) are critical.