the ‘rents do san fran


last week my parents came to town for 24 hours. i loved spending a glorious day in san francisco with mum and dad. look at those cuties. seriously, my parents are so cool. i don’t know anyone else who would both qualify for the senior discount on the ferry and enthusiastically rent bikes to cruise through the park. and after they left me they road-tripped down the coast to orange county. i’m forever grateful they passed on that never-miss-an-adventure thing to me.

i was so excited to finally share my san francisco with linda and rick. we had perfect weather. and i think they came to understand a little of why i adore this place so much. after we dropped their bags off at my house, we drove downtown right as the lowering sun gleamed and bathed the hills in warmth and dad said, “i feel like i am in a dream.” welcome to the wonder of the city i love!


i took mum and dad to all my favourite spots and toured them around the colorful neighborhoods of the city by the bay.


they were tickled by the sunny warm in early february!

mom and dad (2)

and we were all three dripping with passion over the views from the sweet “adventure cruise” aboard the blue and gold fleet ferry. we went right under the golden gate bridge and around alcatraz and it was sublime. my cheeks ached.

mom and dad

i took them to the slice of heaven in my sf world – point bonita in the marin headlands. the world was glowing! it was great.


mum and dad slept on my couches and in the morning we picked up some bikes and whipped through golden gate park. we rode all the way to the beach and back!


yes, my parents are wicked awesome. and they think i am really awesome. so … in 24 hours: a huge self-esteem boost, fancy food i cannot afford, a few superb adventures, heaps of advice and validation, and many authentic laughs (combined with the usual but somehow so endearing clashes) – i’d say that’s a pretty fantastic day.


  1. You just made me so homesick for the crisp, clear, blue days in San Fran! And, my parents too! Think of how fun if we could've gotten all 4 of them on bikes...that'd be a sight to be seen!

    You look the foxy tights too!

    Miss you.

  2. i want to spend 24 hours with you....

  3. chare, so glad your parents got to come visit you! love that you guys got to bike ride in that 24 hours. those pictures of you and your dad are so precious i'm gonna cry

  4. Yep, I'm the Dad, and it (and she, as always) exceeded expectations!

  5. I want to go to all those same places when I come, Ok? Love you.

  6. sounds like the high life, amiga. Say hi to our sneaky homeless friend for me.