things i like about my life right now (part 3)

for the very first time in the 6.5 months since i took the leap to san fran, this week i have questioned if this is the right place for me and if i am going to stay for much longer. it's always been obvious to me that i belong in san francisco, and i have felt definite and sweet spiritual confirmations of my belonging over and over. so, i'm a little confused as i consider other options. in reflecting whether or not my time here may be shorter than i thought, i decided that i need another "things i like about my life right now" list. (here's part one and part two)

-i wake up to this view (you can't really tell how awesome it is, but i let out a blithe sigh whenever i see it first thing in the morning - yes, that's the ocean):


-coral and teal sunsets and and full moons or a canopy of stars out the same window (that cannot be captured with a camera, no matter how hard i try)

-my house is pretty and it feels like home, and my roommates are so good to me and for me.

-going to dance classes at a studio downtown. it had been more than three years since i took a class, and it feels so wonderful - so so so wonderful - to move like that again, to feel inside of my body again in such a beautiful way. also, it is fun to watch and interact with the kind of characters that an inner-city dance center attracts.

-i eat family style at san fran's best restaurants with these stellar girls:


-sunday dinners with different random groups of cool people.

-life feels real hard right now in a lot of ways, and i like hard things - they make me better.

-everyday is a sort of adventure, and sometimes the unknown is exciting. i long for routine and stability, but i am embracing flexibility and ample room for serendipity.

-when i drive over the hill on 19th ave (everyday) the golden gate bridge peaks out and says hello.

-i adore my book club (and made them a wicked good trifle):


-i get emails like this (from my awesome brother) that help me also embrace singlehood:

here are the lines from george strait's "blue clear sky":

ain't love a funny thing, one day you're giving up the dream, and then next you're picking out a ring. out of the blue clear sky; falling right into your hands, like rain on a desert sand, it's the last thing you had planned, then out of the blue clear sky; here [he] comes a walking a talking true love, saying i've been looking for you love, surprise, your true love has arrived, out of the blue clear sky!

great talking with you tonight. i really can see it happening for you, but it will be in the lord's time. keep being that great charity because you can do things now that you won't be able to do when you find your true love.

love, tal

-i get to watch and be a small part of the process of people being converted - our ward has seen several baptisms lately. it has been amazingly sweet welcoming new members to the blessings of the gospel.

-spring comes early in san francisco. blossoms, magnolia trees, flowers.

-the oakland temple is a (beautiful) 25 minute drive away. i like the drive. i love the temple.

photo (6)

-cupboards full of free kids snacks when i babysit.

-doing neat art projects when i babysit. i seriously love it.

photo (5) photo (7)

-occasionally, things are really slow at "work" and i get paid really well to read a book.

-chinatown. we went to the chinese new year festival and parade. it was cold and raining. i loved it. i felt like i was in china. my life is full of adventures like this:

-being able to hop over the ggb for a sunny, brilliant saturday at tennessee beach

-my life is a roller-coaster of highs and lows. which means, technically, my life is a thrill.


  1. Love these posts. I may have to do a "things I like about my life right now" post too ... what a great way to focus on the positive.

  2. I am honored to be part of so many of your adventures here in SF. You're definitely on top of my list of "things I like about my life right now". Please don't leave me!

  3. Love to hear your thoughts. This is such an interesting point in life for you! I just know that the Lord loves you and will lead you by the day at a time!

    Love you!

  4. I love your blog! I found it through reading your sister Shawni's blog and being a longtime reader of your parents books.......I am old enough to be your mom but reading your blog makes me feel young at heart.

    I love the love that ooozes for your family and friends through your words and pictures . I love your sense of adventure! I especially love "spending" time with you while drinking my morning breakfast smoothie. Enjoy every season of your life.
    With thanks & blessings-

  5. I also feel honored to make an appearance twice in that one post. :) And I agree with Kelsey, don't leave us! And I am glad you found your phone after losing it at the Chinese New Year festivities!

  6. I found your blog through your family also. I just left the bay area recently and I spent less time there than I thought I would too. Whenever I read your blog I am reminded by how good I had it and how much I truly loved that area. But what I've learned through this unexpected change is that its not really about what I want for myself, its all about what the Lord wants. Sometimes His plan brings unexpected change, but I've learned from past experience that His change is the Best Change and brings even more amazing adventures and joy that I may have missed had it been up to me. Good luck!

  7. There are SO many things I love about this blog, but I actually mostly love the art projects. This is the third time I've read this post, but it is the first time the art projects photo turned up and it is AWESOME.

    I think you deserve a $100 bill for this post. It's in the mail.