v-day the awesome way

my bestest friend in middle school was an artsy girl named caitlin. in those awkward, teenybopper years, she made my life happy. we played the flute together, wrote each other immaculate notes during english class, and giggled over our crushes.

we grew up and cait ended up marrying her middle school crush, and i caught the bouquet at their wedding. together, they are one rad duo of art and music - she is a painter and he is a rockstar -- for real! i feel blessed that through the years caitlin and i have been able to maintain a sweet friendship. i look up to her a lot.

i love caitlin's art. and guess what?? for valentine's day, the artist is offering a sweet special on prints of the two paintings you see in this post. what a unique and superb gift for one you love.

maybe the coolest part is that caitlin is offering a "pay what you want" price for these stellar prints. yeah! woah!!!
nah, the coolest part is that the art is uber awesome. right??

CLICK HERE!!! for more info. and get your prints quick before the day of love has come and gone!

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  1. How cool! We've run out of space for new art but I'll pass this on. It's beautiful!