i really love this

"it is of less consequence to prevent him from dying than to teach him how to live. to live is not to breathe, but to act; it is to make use of our organs, of our senses, of our faculties, of every element of our nature which makes us sensible of our existence. the man who has lived most is not he who has numbered the most years, but he who has had the keenest sense of life. men have been buried at the age of a hundred who died at the moment of birth. they would have gained by going to their graves in their youth, if up to that time they had really lived."
-rousseau's parenting advice.

my overarching goal of mortality: have the keenest sense of life.


  1. thanks char, inspiring as always. and oooooh, I like the way your blog is looking!

    miss you and love you.

  2. Love the quote! Love your new banner too! Maybe it's just my eyes but the yellow on the comments is really hard to read. I can do it though! Thanks for the inspiration!