ironman and ironwoman

last weekend i got to go down to the las vegas desert to watch my uber-awesome roommate mccaye and our friend jimmy compete in a half ironman triathalon. 1 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13 mile run. i've watched mccaye come home from training for months and have been real excited to go cheer her on in the big race. a group of 9 of us took the 10 hour drive to marvel at our friends' athleticism and willpower.

here we all are at the start line. they canceled the swim because the water in lake mead was too cold. mccaye was overjoyed, and jimmy was mad, so he just swam it anyway. it was a beautiful day in the desert!
while mccaye and jimmy rode for 5 hours (against strong winds in the heat) we took a little trip to hoover dam, which was super neat. we also stopped by cafe rio (!!!) and yogurtland in henderson before going back to cheer at the bike/run transition and the finish line.

here's our girl parking her bike and going on to run a half marathon (i'm still stunned by it) and jimmy crossing the finish line. it was so exciting to be with so many family and friend supporters of so many athletes. there was a really great energy around, and the anticipation was fun.
rachael ran the last 3 miles with mccaye, and nikki and i tagged along for the last quarter mile or so. it was dark by then, and it was so fun to jog towards the lit-up finish line together. the feeling of mccaye's triumph was in the air and i loved it. we were so happy and cheering. it was seriously an inspiring day.

the trip also included a birthday celebration for mccaye at the condo we rented, a quick stop by the strip to stroll through the bellagio atrium and the new cosmopolitan casino at midnight, eating chicken and waffles in bakersfield, good conversation, and of course a lot of driving, which was totally fun. it was such a great group and a splendid little adventure.


  1. looks like so much fun!

    and...congrats to mccaye for being an ironwoman!

    she's one tough girl.

    wish i could've been there to cheer her on!

  2. am i the only one who thinks this jimmy looks like bradley cooper in the 'crossing the finish line' picture?

  3. Good for you for offering the support, although a road trip is not really a huge trial for you. You're running your own Ironwoman Marathon on the job front. SO proud of you!

    Congrats to McCaye and Jimmy. Awesome feat (and feet)!

  4. hope the next blog is about how las vegas visted you. :)

    great great blogs. you should get paid.

    keep in touch! team luke!

  5. I love your blog! Thanks for being so fun and giving me updates through you! Jimmy and Mccayes adventures look fun. I wish I could have gone!

  6. Charity...I'm disappointed that you guys went to Yogurtland instead of the newly opened Nielsen's Custard right next door to Cafe Rio. I thought you were from UT? Don't worry I went twice for you.

  7. i left some extra space on my blog for you to leave a comment.