book bash for little boy blue

cath is having a baby!! and caitlin and i decided to throw a celebratory party while i was in utah last weekend.

i came home that night and when my mom asked how the baby shower was, all i could say was “outrageously great” because it was – to be with so many of my dearest friends and especially with cath and her babe, who is has been dubbed “little boy blue” while in the womb. it was kinda ridiculous how fun and happy the evening was.

since catherine is a master of comparative literature (literally) and we wanted to do a gift theme that is a little different, we decided to help build a library for little boy blue.

photo photo (4) photo (3) photo (1)

cait decorated her adorable cozy place with books and blue, and we had blue rice krispie treats and blue cupcakes and blue jello and even blue drinks! isn’t it awesome how corny showers can be/have to be??
side note – caitlin connolly is devastatingly cool. read her blog. buy her art. vote for her husband’s band to be on the cover of rolling stone. sheesh i am legit to be friends with such a rad girl.


catherine got some real gems to put on little boy blue’s future bookcase. this pretty lady is going to be one heck of a mom. and oh! i love that baby already.

IMG_6129 IMG_6128IMG_6326 IMG_6313

some of these friends i hadn’t seen in years. it was so fun to catch up. and to meet caitlin’s adorable and super-soft pup albus.


outrageously great indeed. we’re so excited to meet that little boy blue!


  1. How fun to see all these darling girls again! I got a little distracted watching the music. They are GOOD! Thanks for making this party so fun. Great idea!

  2. Can I even describe how much I would have LOVED to be there, with all you wonderful girls & celebrating our dear Cath?! I've heard of a book shower before - such a creative idea, & you pulled it off in such a darling way.

    Miss you Charity!

  3. yay little boy blue! love you char, it was a great reunion indeed!

  4. such cute pictures of such a fun shower! i loooooooooooooooved it and so did little boy blue!

  5. I'm with Lizzie, sad to have missed it! Looks so fun.

  6. It was so fun! And such a great idea!