heart in san francisco

happy things for last week:
brunch in north beach outside in the sunshine
a cannoli as an appetizer and gelato for dessert
macy's incredible flower show
new hearts in union square
japantown cherry blossom festival
sunday picnic at duboce park
night walk at ocean beach - only a teeny bit of light left and sound of powerful waves
tea party with nikki and kaitlin
npr (i'm addicted)
going to a (outlandishly beautiful) ranch in petaluma with a family i nanny for
yoga in grace cathedral!!! (i love it - live mystic music, colorful mats on the cold stone ground, stained glass and the highest ceilings, walking to the top of nob hill, deep relaxation and feeling so rejuvenated and alive)
riding the glass elevators at the st. francis hotel (5 times in a row up to floor 32)
long walk in burlingame - spring blossoms
public transportation (i love it) to the airport for a weekend trip to utah
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  1. oh you are making me homesick not only for san fran, but homesick for YOU! i want to be doing all these things WITH YOU!

    live it up cause days in san-fran will quickly run away from you...i'd do anything to be back!

    love you!

  2. Charity! I was totally mentioned in this post! How thrilling! And I think I'm warming up to the idea of tea if we get to continue to call it a tea party!

  3. so I wonder if you remember me - I used to hang with the Lizzie/Stacy/Catherine crowd at BYU. Anyway, once upon a time I happened upon the I Love Lucy Project and started following 71 Toes. Then I saw your pic on the blog and felt like less of a stalker cause now I kind of know Shawni (through kind of knowing you). Anyway, I am obsessed with blogs so I hereby begin following yours too. Random long comment over.

  4. I love looking at the lists of awesome things you do and realizing that I am there for most of them. I think we live the most fantastically amazingly adventurous lives ever. Thank you for making my life so complete.

  5. What? We didn't even have time to talk about most of this great stuff when you were here. I'm SO glad you're coming back. Love this blog to keep updated! Love you!