miss mcconkie comes to town

IMG_4931 sara1

i think ambience of the above pictures (from the sea of galilee) typify the way i feel about my friend sara. our souls are knit, and i love her as my own soul (see 1 samuel 18:1). this girl is one of the finest humans i have ever come in contact with, and she has enriched my life so stinking much. we’ve been in 7 countries and 7 states together and have had so, so, so many laughs and adventures. there’s no one quite like miss mcconkie – she is one in a million.

and in a few weeks she won’t be miss mcconkie anymore – sara’s tying the knot on may 20. i am jumping-out-of-my-skin excited for her wedding, but insisted on a visit from her to have a few last days with my single lady. it didn’t look very promising for her to be able to get out here before the big day, but a few weeks ago she surprised me by emailing me a flight itinerary in and out of san francisco. ahhhhh i was thrilled. i planned quite the three days for her trip and we had such a great time.

on saturday night: we had a ike’s place picnic at treasure island and talked for hoursIMG_3182

on easter sunday: (remembering 4 years ago in jerusalem) we went to a sunrise service at mt. davidson in the mist, the choral eucharist at grace cathedral and then to church – we had a picnic back at mt. davidson when we could actually see the view and then walked around the marina and along the bay to my favourite pier at sunset

IMG_3191   IMG_3198 IMG_3200IMG_3207IMG_3214

on monday: we saw the new hearts in union square and took a walking tour in chinatown (and peeked in a fortune cookie factory!) – kelsey showed us a secret rooftop in north beach and we popped by lombard st – we walked down haight street to the park and the botanical gardens and sat in a field of wildflowers in the sun – that night we ate at yummy burma superstar

IMG_3217 IMG_3226IMG_3228IMG_3230IMG_3233 IMG_3237

on tuesday: we biked across the golden gate bridge – meandered in the sunshine in sausalito – took the ferry back – freaked out at the glorious weather - loved the samples and lunch in the warmth at the ferry building – drove to the airport commenting on the perfection of the trip

IMG_3240IMG_3242 IMG_3243IMG_3246IMG_3262 IMG_3265

once on a roadtrip i was asked “if you had to spend 24 hours in a locked room with someone, who would you choose?” and i said sara. i got about 70 hours with her this week and it was (to use a phrase we heard lots in india) soooooo super.


  1. love this. love you. love sara.

  2. It's so weird... that photo with Hoight Tower in the background actually reminded me of Jerusalem. Look at it... with all that white?!

    Great post as usual!!!!


  3. I found your blog in a round-about-the internet way and wanted you to know that your posts are a bright spot in my day!!

  4. She definitely seemed like a doll! I hope I get to see some wedding pictures soon! I'm curious to see what kind of a dress she picked out!