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one of my random job titles is “retreat manager” for an incredible growing world-changing organization called the power of moms. my oldest sister saren happens to be the co-founder/president. i have spent the last few months sorting registration, contacting caterers, renting chairs and microphones and contributing to one of the world’s largest spreadsheets of logistics. last weekend we hosted 100 women in a two-day event at my parents house in park city and it was such a success! i had a fantastic time meeting people and coordinating things and making something truly great happen. there were so many fun things about being a part of the retreat!



but the best part was that i got to see my sisters, my new baby nephew, and my parents. shawni flew in from arizona and saydi from boston to present at the retreat. to me there is really nothing better than being with my sisters.


as soon as i landed in san francisco i felt so sad that this big thing was over. but the great thing is that we are holding another retreat in may! although saydi and shawni won’t be coming out again, i am still excited to get to meet a whole new group of moms and try to make the event even better.

DSC_3143 DSC_3189

since my parents live down a very pot-holey dirt road and there’s not parking around their house, i got to coordinate a shuttle service. it was pretty awesome standing in the parking lot down the road with this big sign greeting moms who had come from as far as canada and new york! feeding that many people was a feat, but the lunch turned out great.

2011-04-15POMretreat27266 2011-04-16POMretreat273482

saren’s co-founder, april, is one amazing woman (there she is on the left presenting). i am always inspired when i am around her. when my dad (in the picture on the left) is around, he always makes these kind of things really exciting. listening to him and my mom speak reminded me of so many times as a kid being in the audience of their presentations. there were a few new stories this time! – usually i love mouthing the punch-line along with them.

2011-04-17untitled27424 2011-04-17untitled27426

it was heaven to meet new little peter james eyre shumway – in fact we were so enamored with him that we forgot to take any pictures of him until we were at the airport dropping saydi and shawni off. in addition to all the logistics of the retreat i got to be in charge of peter, too. it was good practice at doing things one handed with a baby on my shoulder. i love this boy.

i am outrageously blessed to have the example of my mom and my sisters in my life. the way that each of them embrace, promote and magnify motherhood is incredible. one day i’ll join the ranks – until then i’m happy to be the “retreat manager”!


p.s. thanks for the photos, rachelle and shawni!


  1. Ahh Charity, it was so fun meeting you and seeing you "in action". Hope you come visit soon! xoxo

  2. I learned a few things I didn't know about you! Delightful surprises! We couldn't have done it without you! SO fun!

  3. Very cool that you get to be involved with such a powerful organization. What a wonderful group of sisters/moms!

  4. It really was a wonderful weekend. I know what you mean about sisters. They truly are the best!

  5. You would be the perfect "retreat manager"! Looks like a success! You, your sisters, and mom are so beautiful.

  6. Darling Peter!

    Just got back from Beijing and loved looking at your previous posts...

    Looks like you did an awesome job with P.O.M! Congrats on all the organizing, etc...

    And Catherine's shower! What a darling theme?!

    Going to try calling you this morning...hope I can catch you!