also in utah

last weekend i also:
-coordinated another awesome power of moms retreat with saren and april:
utah1 utah2
-ran errands and took a walk in the aves with julie
-went to the bees game - perfect weather and sparkly fireworks:
utah3 utah4
-went on a double date with my parents
-had sunday dinner with some of my favourites:
utah5 utah6

there are pretty few things i enjoy more than driving around in salt lake. memories are in the corners and i'm smiling. it's a refresher on how good my life has been and is.


  1. We LOVE having you here too! You know how to pack in a weekend (including a best friend's wedding).

  2. Charity! I need to see you! Next time you are in Utah lets get together

  3. Absolutely love that pic of all the girls touching Cath's baby boy belly. Darling friends.

  4. i love bert and cath's AD-ult baby.
    best night.
    best turkey wraps.
    best charity salad.
    best friends.

  5. Double date?!? ummmm, need more info!