9 May 2011

a day

may 4, 2011 – san francisco
fairly typical: work and after-work activities; pretty sights; time to stroll; feeling tired but happy
a bit atypical: particularly gorgeous weather; zinginess of flowers; i had a camera around my neck

IMG_8995_thumb1  IMG_8996_thumb1IMG_8997_thumb1  IMG_8998_thumb1IMG_9001_thumb1  IMG_9003_thumb1IMG_9007_thumb1  IMG_9009_thumb2IMG_9011_thumb2  IMG_9012_thumb2IMG_9019_thumb1  IMG_9020_thumb1IMG_9024_thumb1  IMG_9025_thumb1IMG_9040_thumb2  IMG_9029_thumb1IMG_9031_thumb1  IMG_9032_thumb1IMG_9034_thumb1  IMG_9036_thumb1IMG_9037_thumb1  IMG_9028_thumb3IMG_9043_thumb1  IMG_9050_thumb1IMG_9052_thumb1  IMG_9053_thumb1IMG_9057_thumb1  IMG_9062_thumb1IMG_9069_thumb1  IMG_9074_thumb1IMG_9093_thumb1  IMG_9102_thumb1IMG_9109_thumb1  IMG_9111_thumb1IMG_9118_thumb1  IMG_9124_thumb1IMG_9133_thumb1  IMG_9136_thumb1IMG_9140_thumb1  IMG_9142_thumb1IMG_9146_thumb1  IMG_9150_thumb2IMG_9154_thumb1  IMG_9155_thumb1IMG_9162_thumb1  IMG_9160_thumb3

this is my life.


  1. i just miss you. that's all. excited to see you soon!

  2. BEAUTIFUL Charity!! Nice work! I kinda want to live there now!

  3. oh my awesome photos!

    you are PRO!

    everytime you post about SF i get homesick for you & the city.

    love you much,

  4. Great post ChiaPet! Good job on the photos. Love them!

    Miss you. Better come and visit soon! How about on your birthday?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.


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