love and celebration

it took young love at first sight, a heartrending breakup, some other serious relationships and six years, but finally the destined, beautiful inevitable happened and sara and matt tied the knot. huzzah!!!

IMG_5392 IMG_5424

the sealing was divine. somehow teetering on the brink of heaven? i swear, it felt like heaven.


they kissed: (ha! don't you love michael and his future wife in that photo)


we hugged: (i adore these girls more than most anything)


and then we all celebrated:

IMG_5505 IMG_5538
dani made the cake and bouquet (and let me help a tiny!)

IMG_5542 IMG_5557IMG_5589 IMG_5596
i loved seeing dear friends (including elise who accidentally came dressed as a bridesmaid!)

IMG_5603 IMG_5608
we are soulmates (dani and i told matt to get ready to travel the world with us & our future husbands)

and off they went: (to hawaii, then colorado and arizona, and finally home to oklahoma…)


may 20 was an outstanding celebration of the miracle of love.

{photos by dani}


  1. Fantastic! Almost like being there! You're a great blogger Charity, besides being an amazing writer!
    Love you!

  2. How marvelous! You all look perfectly perfect and I certainly do love her going away dress! And my what a honeymoon!

  3. Char- you are the best! So fun to read, and yours go down as the first of my wedding photos I've seen, so it was especially fun for me. THANK YOU!

    also, the cardigans make my reception 100 times prettier than it would have been. literally. thank you. I love them. LOVE them. thank you. seriously. get my point?