sara’s last night with her girlfriends

most of us single girls have mused about some marvelous details for our future weddings, right? we fantasize and chat about our little visions. the only thing i recall sara talking about during these inevitable conversations was something actually disconnected from the wedding day: an epic bachelorette party – as sara dubbed it, a “last night with her girlfriends.” the girl had a dream.

many months ago i hugged a then heartbroken sara after a pretty brutal break-up. she looked up at me with teary, glistening eyes and said, utterly distressed, “i’m not going to have my last night with my girlfriends! (sob, sob)” forget about all else – the most important thing in jeopardy here was sara’s farewell-to-singlehood dream!

i decided then to make that “last night with her girlfriends” happen, no matter what. when sara got engaged a few months ago, i started making plans with dani, and last wednesday night it all became a reality! it was so fun to get together sara’s best girls and honor the incredible friend and example she has been to us through the years.

we started with dinner at a yummy thai food (sara’s fave) restaurant downtown:


IMG_5270 IMG_5280

we made sure to get some tom ka gui (a food that actually made sara cry from deliciousness when we were in thailand) and to make her pose in that awesome cut-out.

then we went to my parents’ house in park city, had a little dance party, snacked on sara’s favorite treats, watched a slide-show of pictures that dani made, talked about things we love about the bride, and got all bundled up to go outside to the firepit for sparklers and toasts:

IMG_5285 IMG_5286IMG_5305

we shared favorite/funny memories with our sara and “cheers”ed with martinellis. as we waved our sparklers dani played the ukulele and it was so magical!


we changed into our pajamas and set up spa – sara got pampered from every end!


then we took roughly 15 self-timer pictures. apparently it was pretty funny:


in the morning dani made crepes and we made sara put a huge tissue paper flower on her head (naturally):


it had snowed all night (yes, on may 19 - crazy). it was a sparkly morning. we sure do love our sara. her matt came to pick her up and just like that we were down one single lady. that boy can never quite know what a ginormous blessing his new wife has been in the lives of so many, most especially the group of us.



  1. Oh how I wish I could have been there! Miss and love you girls so much!!

  2. soooo fun. best party of 2011.

  3. We love you, Sara, oh yes we do! Chare, you are the best party planner ever!!

  4. Charity--you win!! I've been begging my family to let me see at least a picture of the dear on her big day--finally found one! You guys are good good friends to throw a party like that. Glad you were at the wedding and hope you find a job soon. If not--find yourself in Senegal for awhile. We've got trash, dead dogs, and some really great beaches.

  5. You sure know how to make a girl feel good. This night was the biggest self esteem trip I've ever been on. I choose to relive that night over most I've lived. Thank you for your friendship, your loyalty and your work to make a girl's dream come true. I love you Charity!

  6. These girls all glow...especially Sara!