we have an understanding

this is my friend nikki. we are kindred spirits for lots of reasons, mostly because we both have a constant travel itch. one day we'll trek around the world together, but until then we've become the best of pick-me-up-from-the-airport buddies. nikki and i are jet-setting quite often, and we just have an understanding - when i return from a trip, nikki picks me up, and vis versa.
i always love our drives home, catching up and scheming for the future. she's one of my favourite people.
i'm hoping there will be many more needed pick-ups ahead. what's next? she'll pick me up from a trip to san diego and i'll go get her after her adventures in cambodia! who's going to come collect us when we travel together???


  1. Oh you little darlings I love you both! And I have also found a kindred spirit in you both!

  2. By golly you mean there's somebody in this world as crazy about traveling as you? Good news!