memorial day weekend

a fantastic memorial day weekend was made up of these three:
#1 - a little overnight visit to sacramento, where i got to go through the temple with my friend keri and sleep over at my new friend rachelle's house:
 photo (2) 

keri was receiving her own endowment, and it was so exciting to be with her. rachelle and her family were the most gracious hosts. i liked the drive there (with sunset) and back (with rain).

#2 - a last-minute visit from friends who drove from provo to hang out with me and jae:
i loved having megs and sarah in town. chinatown, corona heights, city hall, sunday morning at the beach, sunday afternoon on my roof, lots 'o' laughs.

#3 - a quick roadtrip down the coast with josephine:

we cruised to gorilla bbq in pacifica, which i have been wanting to try for ages, and brought our grub to the beach for a picnic. we walked out on the pier, learned about crab fishing, took in the views and then got back on the road...

we made it to half moon bay and walked out on the jetty and watched fishers and surfers. it was a gorgeous sunny memorial day!

we found a secret spot on some cliffs to eat the rest of our bbq. it was astonishingly pretty. we finally found the spot where the mavericks surf competition happens and strolled along the beach.
memday1 memday2
i really, really, really (reeeeeally) love northern california.


  1. Oh those beach pictures are divine! And I love that Jae's arm can stretch around two of you! AND I really loved seeing Megan and meeting Sarah. Loves!

  2. wow, awesome photos char! i want to move there and be with you. more. than. ever.

  3. Wish I could have been in SF with you guys, but I'm so excited for you to come to Canada!! Oh my gosh, bring Megz and Sarah with you!!!

  4. Yes those are some of the photo spots I'm dying to come and find! It was so fun having you and please come again...I promise to have more sugar free treats on your pillow!!

  5. SO FUN! It was fun to see Rachelle so soon again. She is are all your friends.