quarter of a century

i got to spend my birthday in sunny san diego with some of my very most favourite people. they got me a pinata and a lot of candy.
bday1 bday2 
my brother is tall. we had a barbeque on the deck after church and then rigged up the pinata.
bday3 bday4
it was quite a feat to burst that thing open, but the raining sweets in the end were worth it. we just sat on the grass and ate candy and had a quick dance party.
bday5 bday6
eli and julie were in san diego for julie's family reunion! i was so glad to have them around for (cup)cake and ice cream - made even happier with sparkler candles and candy on the icing.
my roommates and i were planning to get together for a treat on tuesday to commemorate some moving out and moving in. when i walked around the corner to the ice cream place, they started singing "happy birthday"! and turns out some friends were invited to come celebrate. emily made me a sign out of a grocery bag and stuck it by the front door of the shoppe. what a treat! i had been in bed sick all day so it was an especially sweet surprise.
bday7 bday8
it was a really good birthday.
for the first time, this year i actually felt like i am getting older. growing up i had some hard and disappointing birthdays, because i always wanted it to be perfect and all about me. as my expectations have waned and my maturity has waxed, i have come to really enjoy trying to serve others and just feeling love for people i love on my day of birth. through it all, i've always looked forward to celebrating another year lived triumphantly and another year to be alive - and for the first time, this time i felt a shred of dread connected to my birthday. i intend to dismiss that completely and relish the experience of getting older.
i think this year - my 25th on this planet - is going to be the best yet.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARITY!! I know that was almost a whole week old,
    i am so pleased you were born! I just like you so much! And you got to spend your birthday in the SUN! Who could ask for anything more!?

  2. chester. you are quite a gal. we all love you.

  3. Love you, Chare! This is going to be a great year!

  4. can't wait to see you in a week!! are you going to be there?

    just threw away the rest of the cupcakes today.