sad turned glad

so - this happened:
you can't really adequately tell how crunched up the car is, but it's totaled. r.i.p. mercedes. when the cop told me it was probably a goner, i started crying. i was really shaken up from the accident (smashed from behind out of no where on the bay bridge) and i was remembering all the good times associated with this car. my mom chauffeured me everywhere in it as a kid, and since it became mine it has gotten me around a lot of places. the mercedes has cruised through so many roadtrips, held a lot of laughter and tears, and holds sweet memories in its corners. i think what i will miss most is the car phone. car phone! pure awesome novelty in 1997.
on tuesday i went down to the california highway patrol office to pick up the collision report. i left a little later than i should have and ended up running down 8th street where the tenderloin meets soma (super sketchy hood) to get to the office before it closed. if you ever want some extra compliments or are needing any sort of self-esteem boost, run through this area, preferably with a yoga mat sticking out of your bag. "hey gorgeous, you do yoga??" - more than one or twice. one guy ran along with me and after asking me some questions with the ghetto ultra-flirty tone said, "we're gonna make it on time together, beautiful, me and you." and he ran along side me until his blinged out belt buckle fell off, he had to stop to grab it and he fell too far behind. "i hope i see you again, gorgeous!"
i made it in the nick of time and it was just a funny adventure. i decided to walk to grace cathedral for yoga and as i sorta just meandered in the general right direction, i came across a building i discovered a few months ago, my favourite in san francisco:

the grafitti is super awesome and yes, that is furniture coming out of the windows. i love the funkiness of it all so much. bright teal couch out of the 4th floor bay window and an old tv set on teetering off the roof - why not??
i made my way to market street and happened upon some of the best street performers i've ever seen (that's saying something big). these guys on the piano and clarinet were going for it. playing and improvising with ruthless passion. i loved it! i walked and took in the city and panted up the huuuuge hill to the cathedral and my spirit felt genial to be in its place in san francisco. have i ever written on my blog that i really like this city??
what could have been a frustrating inconvenience (going downtown to pick up the collision report) turned into an amusing, blithe, glorious evening.


  1. Oh my gosh! Tenderloin self-esteem boost!! That's where my school is and I swear to you I think that every day! All you have to do is walk outside and you get at least 3 or 4 confidence building comments! One guy promised to always leave the toilet seat down for me... I actually stopped and considered.

  2. What a cool place! That's awesome how you can turn anything (even a potentially depressing situation) into an epic adventure. Good writing!

  3. I LOVE that building, too! I can never remember the exact street where it is, but it is so fun when we drive by it!!

  4. So scary! I am glad you are okay. I will miss the 'MERC'...many carpools w/ Linda in that puppy! Maybe insurance will give you a good stipend for a new car? Hopefully! I'm excited to see you in just a few short weeks:)

  5. This made me LOL! What a girl! What a writer! So glad you're okay, both from the accident and with your new found friends!