niagara falls, new york - niagara falls, ontario border crossing:
border agent: where do you live?
me: san francisco.
agent: what do you do there?
me: i'm unemployed.
agent: where are you headed in canada today?
me: just here, to niagara falls. passing through.
agent: what is all this stuff in the car?
me (pointing to dani): she is moving from new york city to utah. i flew out to drive with her.
agent (looking at passport): i see you were in canada 6 days ago.
me: that's right, i was going to calgary.
agent: you flew to calgary 6 days ago?
me: no, i drove there from utah.
agent (very confused): let me get this straight - you flew to utah, drove to calgary, drove back, then flew to new york city and then drove here niagara falls on the way back to utah...and you are unemployed?
me: that's right.
agent (exacerbated): go on through.

14 states - and 2 canadian provinces - in 14 days. roughly 4,736 miles driven. my knees and hips never want to bend again, but other than that i am extremely pleased with the wildly awesome adventures i've had in the past two weeks. i am in love with the world and i think the earth is neat. pictures and prose to come...here's a teaser...

{banff and chicago}


  1. Charity! I love and miss your guts but am glad the world is getting to see more of you all around it <3

  2. No wonder the guy was confused! I think we all are...at how you can stuff so much into life every day! Love you!

  3. You got to meet the Canadian border patrol man!?! That's incredible seeing as he "covers the entire area from Washington state to Maine...state."

  4. Charity - you don't know me at all, but I went to BYU Jerusalem with your sister Shawni and found my way to your blog from her blog. I just wanted to say that I have loved following your journey through life! AND since it sounds like you are single and looking, I am going to ask if you have ever thought of applying for "The Mormon Bachelorette"? It seems like you would be perfect for it!

  5. funny exchange with the border agent. looks like so much fun!