halycon days

2011-07-10 Bear Lake 33116
39 and 2 babies on the way

i recently read somewhere that a place can be so thick in meaning and memories that it becomes a living character in one’s life story. that is certainly true for me – bear lake is and always has been a significant personality and relationship in the context of who i am. i am grateful that, despite my wanderlust and never-ending desire to see the new and novel, i have this incredibly familiar locale to frequent every summer. the air there is just heavy in the most comfortable and intimate way. bear lake is my oldest, closest chum.

it really is the best time of life when all of us get together at the lake. despite the chaos, sky-high expectations and regular frustrations, yes, these are perfect, halcyon days.


dancing1 dancing2 2011-07-07 Bear Lake 32810
just dance might be the single best thing to happen to our family this year.
2011-07-09-Bear-Lake-3303311 2011-07-09-Moms-Bear-Lake-3341611
i’ll never forget how rousing the cheer was when jonah declared the boat fixed after so much work!

2011-07-12 Bear Lake 33294
which allowed for some sweet trippling with my nieces at sunset.
at the eyrealm foundation board meeting talking about all the good to be done in the world.
group4 pav
the groups of grandkids had flags and a killer helpfulness competition.
one reward - a sleepover on the tennis court with aunt chichi. we shared secrets and played steamroller.
we had a girls lunch at bear lake west.

the hike up bloomington canyon was covered with snow, and the lake was still 1/3 frozen over!
it didn’t stop us from jumping in. holy smokes it was freezing and enlivening.
jonah blessed baby poem on the lighthouse deck.
we had a family testimony meeting on the grass outside church, and dad offered a patriarchal prayer as we all knelt earnestly together on sunday morning. i’m grateful for a family of surging faith.

i love that glowing land that is a vibrant character in my life. and most of all, ultimately and absolutely, more than anything, more than anything on earth, i love my family – their examples, their support and their dance moves.


  1. love it. and the dance moves. especially yours :) i think i've seen those before? and love you.

  2. hey! you just tap the photo after you take it while it's in editing mode and a thing should appear that says tilt shift, and once you select that you can manually adjust what's in focus.

  3. You MUST be the favorite Aunt, I just KNOW it! Oh, and I LOOOOOOOVE Bear Lake!!! I want to marry it!

  4. Charity, you should be a writer! Let's see, have I ever thought of that before? You should take me seriously!