happy birthday america

i arrived at beloved bear lake right in time to celebrate the country whose vast land i'd just crossed, nearly from sea to shining sea. it was a classic holiday complete with watermelon, pasta salad, lemonade, and sunshine. topped off by a killer sunset, a bonfire on the beach and sparklers. keeping with a family birthday tradition, we went around the circle and said one thing we love about the birthday girl - america.

2011-07-04 Bear Lake 2555

it felt so good to be up at the lake - the start of 10 sweet days with the people i love most in a place that’s warm with nostalgia and closeness and harmony.


  1. You look adorable in those pictures!! And I LOVE Bear Lake! But you know, the sunburns you get there are cruel.

  2. LOVE these pics! Especially the people behind the USA!