o canada

lisa, megan, jae and i decided to go visit jen after she got deported back to her home country of canada.
holy smokes. it was great. an epic international road trip. i have really really awesome friends.

we stayed overnight in rexburg and then drove up through montana.
the drive was seriously gorgeous the entire way!

DSC_2341jen made us an awesome road trip manual that included fun facts, an american-canadian dictionary, a cd with theme songs for things along the way, and directions to stop at a little town (maybe population of 10 or so?) called humphrey.

we made it to glacier national park by the afternoon and it was stunning.

look at that view! can you put a price tag on that? yes, it cost $25 to enter the park (lisa’s punch line).
but so worth it! look how happy we are.

DSC_2400 DSC_2406
it poured on our way up, but that helped this huge waterfall gush out of the side of the mountain, and it cleared in time for a some exploring and lots of admiring the beauty.

DSC_2399 DSC_2395
jae brought his recorder and favored us with some music to set the mood.


DSC_2449 DSC_2451
border1good border2good
as the designated trip enthusiast, i was really excited about crossing the border with our passports.

temple1good temple2good
we met jen at the cardston temple and did baptisms together. there is something really awesome about being in the temple with friends. and about cute little old missionaries that take your picture.

the next day we went to banff national park, which is one of the most spectacularly beautiful places i have ever seen. we started at lake louise in tons of rain gear and it rained (and snowed!) when we got there. we checked out the incredible chateau until it cleared up enough for us to sport our matching t-shirts for a photo and then to take some canoes out on the water.

lakelouise1 lakelouise2
the canoe ride was probably my favourite part of the whole trip. it was just ridiculously pretty.
and we all sang “o canada” in our red boats in the middle of the teal. an age-worthy moment.

DSC_2533 DSC_0053DSC_2556 DSC_2565
there were more aqua lakes and majestic mountains, and very uninhibited chipmunks.

and a grizzly bear! we were so excited running down the street following him.

DSC_0074 DSC_2601
we hiked up the cliff boardwalk to waterfalls in johnston canyon.
i loved the ruddy, sagey colors against the teal river.

170 (1) DSC_2605tunnel 187 DSC_2640200 201
we drove through the charming town of banff and explored the grand banff springs hotel, which was, in jae’s words, pretty magical.

maple calgary
the next day after a breakfast of maple leaf pancakes, we headed into the city of calgary.

jen’s dad’s office is on top of a building with sweet views. calgary has a little prickly charm about it.

DSC_2702 DSC_2703
in the mall we tried out a canadian culinary tradition – poutine: fries with gravy and cheese curds.
i was a fan. maybe lisa was not?

this pedestrian street downtown reminded me so much of england.
since calgary’s winters are pretty intense, they sure make the most of the sunshine.
the flowers around the city were brilliant.

wall2 wall3 
obviously we had to stop at this wall for a quick photo shoot.

DSC_2768 DSC_2770
the whole city was getting ready for the calgary stampede, the world’s largest rodeo. we missed it by one week! walking around calgary on a sunny june day was so golden and glad.

DSC_2782 park2
we went to prince’s island park and ate lunch and basked.

DSC_2797 DSC_2807
jen took us to this rad lookout point over the city.
it was neat to see the stampede grounds and the hockey arena. and – it was very windy.

after dinner we hiked up a hill by jen’s house and quietly took in the sweeping views at sunset.
it stays light until after 11! it was a great ending to such a fabulous trip.

then… we ran out of gas in the middle of montana.
megs and i are winky-frowning because although it was a little catastrophe, we kind of liked the adventure. jae and lisa hitchhiked to a gas station. it broke up the long but great drive home.

the trip was practically perfect. i have a crush on canada!

o canada – with glowing hearts we see thee rise – the true north strong and free
from far and wide – o canada – we stand on guard for thee!

{photos by jen and megan - thanks!}


  1. Oh I LOVED this post!! Such good memories! I'm so glad you guys could come. It made my entire summer! Love love love!

  2. Also, good job including the Satan picture :)

  3. oh my gosh charity. HAHAHHAA. THIS IS THE ULTIMATE BLOG POST. thanks for highlighting all the best parts. (but i told you in private i ran out of gas on purpose...i wish everyone didn't know we loved it so much. oh well) love you!

  4. fun fun fun. well she told me in private she liked me the best. want to go again!