i had a half a day in dublin to end my ireland adventure and before heading home to england. dublin was neat, but i was okay to only have half a day. i was most excited to see the supposedly wild and entertaining nightlife in the temple bar district, but i couldn’t keep my eyes open until dark because i was so travel-drained. so my few daytime hours in the city were spent wandering.

this is at trinity college, where a witty irish student gave us a lil tour. the picture on the right i stole from the internet, because they wouldn’t let us take pictures in the old library, which was my favourite thing i saw in dublin. after a gloomy overcast morning, the sun streamed in the big windows. to connect the floors of books there are ladders and spiral staircases and then tiny doors on the top floor.

IMG_7485 IMG_7487IMG_7490IMG_7492
grafton street is the main drag in ireland and i loved the flowers and the musicians.

the townhouses surrounding the park had colorful doors.

the penny bridge over the river liffy. i think it is adorable.

dublin castle – honestly kind of a let-down, but a good place to take rainy self-timer pics!

until i was so exhausted i gave up, i enjoyed one more pub crawl to hear irish music. i sat on a little bench outside this last pub and watched people and listened for nearly an hour. then, it was time to bid farewell to the emereld isle and hop across the irish sea.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures! Such a beautiful girl!