the sweetest thing


i can’t think of a sweeter brand of joy than what i felt being in the temple with someone that i taught as a missionary. if heaven feels even a little like that, it will be heaven indeed.

dianne is a breathing miracle and testament of the healing and brightening power of the gospel of jesus christ. she lived in emotional and spiritual darkness for a lot of a lot of years, and the gospel made her blossom. now, she is an absolute ray of sunshine. i saw god’s love and truth transform this woman, and i count that as one of the most beautiful blessings of my life.

one day this july dianne and i basked in the light of the gospel together in the house of the lord, and it really was just the sweetest thing imaginable. a kind of culmination or gift of spiritual reward – a syrupy sweet that i savored.

isn’t she the cutest thing ever? she’s faithful and trusts and loves god with all her heart. and she’s so happy!


as we walked around the temple grounds and peeked in the mission office, i was flooded with all kinds of good memories. there is such a solid feeling of home there for me, and some of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life have been in and around the london temple. it was so great to be back.

that day i was overwhelmed with gratitude that i was a full-time missionary.


  1. LOVE your outfit. You look so cute.

  2. ditto to lizzie...I ESPECIALLY like the SKIRT! wink wink:)

  3. Wow what an amazing experience. I found your blog through shawni's blog. Your so fashionable and sweet.

  4. You are ADORABLE! I love to read your blog, it is so inspiring! I am planning on serving a mission as well and so it is great to read of your experiences and knowledge. I also wonder where you get all of your cute skirts? Thanks for your sweet testimony