wherein purple hue


i know this post should really be named “tons of pictures of pretty things or me standing in front of pretty things,” but the lyrics from the classic “loch lomond” sound more poetic. sorry, i just couldn’t narrow down the photos any further. deal with it.

those scottish highlands – yowza they are pretty. beez and i spent two nights and a day and half walking through the ruddy green and delicious purple. it was unlike any landscape i have seen and i fell in love. it was a grand adventure: complete remoteness, raw organic beauty, overcast skies and heavy packs, wonder and space, a trillion tiny little bugs, and a lovely feast for the eyes at every turn.

we got to the trailhead after midnight and hiked under the stars for an hour, which i loved. when we woke up in the morning, it was such a treat to see where we were.

 IMG_9605 IMG_9607  IMG_9611 IMG_9612
this is where we slept our first night: bob scott’s bothy. bothies are mountain huts built and maintained by a non-profit that wants as many people as possible to enjoy the highlands. it was such a fun(ny) sleeping experience, with four very scottish and very tipsy bunkmates!
the inside of the bothy. it was so cozy!
IMG_9623 IMG_9625 IMG_9626 IMG_9636 IMG_9638IMG_9710
we got our drinking water right out of these crystal clear streams.
IMG_9642 IMG_9648
graham’s dog ben came along! he was so good.
IMG_9650  IMG_9657 IMG_9660
bothy #2 – second night accommodations.
IMG_9666 IMG_9670 IMG_9674 IMG_9680 IMG_9682 IMG_9690 IMG_9706
graham stayed back and i hiked up to this amazing lake and it was just me and mother earth.
  IMG_9712IMG_9716IMG_9720IMG_9721 IMG_9730 IMG_9732 IMG_9733IMG_9734

that feeling of splendid relief and contentment after a physical journey is one of the best, don’t you think? driving back into the world we came from, i felt so present and inside my body and filled up with beautiful vistas and a new place etched into my life story.


  1. i really like that you did some tramping while you were there. Aren't those huts a great idea?

  2. This looks amazing and I want to do this in my life.

  3. Hey I have found your blog, through shawnis blog, and I must say your photos of the highlands are glorious. I have visited the area, but not walked the trail, I will be putting that on my list of things to do next time I visit. Having 4 daughters, the oldest 2, 20 and 17, I am so ispired to encourage them to embrace life with the passion you shine through with on your blog. Happy travels. take care

  4. EXTRAORDINARY! Purple in every picture...my favorite color!

  5. oh my oh my oh my! Char, those pictures just felt so soothing to my eyes! beauty! i want to go there.

    and, your blog looks awesome!

  6. These pictures are unbelievable! GORGEOUS! And I see it was a very good hair day for you as well.

  7. i'm pretty sure you are on the top of the coolness list. when can we see you again?

  8. Hi Charity,
    I just want you to know that, if I ever get the time to get my 'blog' going,I would want it to be just like yours!!Love the photos, love the way you put things over, love your passion for life & share it myself! It was so great to have you in our home again & we alll love you!