back to sf – the shum-way


well, i’m still in love with san francisco. i did leave my heart here over the summer. it’s been fun finding it in nooks and crannies of the city.

i came back to the bay the same weekend my sister saydi and her family (the shumways) were in town. i was so excited all summer to have them in san fran. sayd, toddler emmeline and baby peter and i had an adventure driving around pt. reyes, and the next day i got to show the whole fam the city i adore. that night hazel (my soulmate-niece) and i had a sleepover at my house and i got to show saydi some neat spots in the mission before the shumways headed off to a wedding in the east bay.

boy howdy it was a blast to have them here. that’s right, boy howdy.

i think my sister saydi is the one person in the world that i share the most genes with, and my niece hazel might be second. i like the other shuways a lot too. oh it was dreamy! we were so excited about being together that we just got a few iphone snaps here and there…

conservatory of flowers (sheesh i love those dahlias): photo(3)IMG_3813
this is hazel and my signature “i feel alive" pose. we love life the same.IMG_3809

dolores park where we enjoyed views + ike’s sandwiches and later + bi-rite ice cream. oh my!:


chinatown, where i showed the kids the fortune-cookie factory (a big hit, and peter’s first treat!):


my beloved rooftop in north beach:


apparently the view looks like this when you are 7 years old and 4 feet high…
we got peter this froggy hat from untion square street vendors. is your heart a puddle??IMG_3815
the only picture we got of all of us – sorry charlie, the only part of you we can see if your hand!
the weather was absolutely, unabashedly, completely perfect.

china beach for a dinner picnic:
the shumways do the same pose for pictures wherever they go all over the world … they are neat.

and the next morning at clarion alley in the mission:
if “i feel alive” is hazel and my signature pose, the squat is saydi and my signature pose. so cute.

settling back into the city the shum-way was a dang good way. i love them, i love them, i love them. and a year later, i love san francisco!


  1. Char, you are a blogging machine. Crankin em out. This is awesome though, looks like me and Julie need to schedule a visit with tour master Charity. Maybe in the Spring? Give me a call so we can catch up.

  2. Hi Charity, I found your blog through your sister Shawni's blog, and I love it! I'm also a recent college grad from a big family and I feel like I can really relate to the fun stuff you write about. Anyway, I just wanted to comment because I think I have the exact same purse as you - h&m, right? Great minds think alike. :)

  3. chich. ohhh. wish we could go back to those days together. you were the greatest tour guide EVER. my kids still talk about our adventures in SF with you (especially hazel who had the adventure of her life). I need to post these pictures on my blog. Maybe I'll just link back to you, you did such a great job capturing it all.

    love you my sister friend, with all my heart. Just wish we could move to SF and live right next door.

  4. oh also, nice use of the word dreamy.

  5. oh, and also, boy howdy.

    (just trying to make up for my comment deficiency, I'm a lame commenter)

  6. How fun is it see two of my favorite people in the world who live on opposite shores of the US together having so much fun in such an extraordinary place! LOVE the pics!