bleak beauty


on labor day, kelsey and i went to pt reyes. i couldn’t ask for a better bay area adventure buddy than kels. like me, she likes doing stuff, and she’s pretty much always up for anything.

one of our conversations while exploring was about the searing beauty of bleak landscape – and how we loved the sweeping vistas we saw that weren’t lush or flourishing but so gorgeous in a raw, earnest way. indeed, a lot of things in life are bleak but somehow the most beautiful…

pictures by kelsey (who likes to stay behind the camera and photograph me until i drag her out by asking park rangers to snap one of both of us):

P9053094P9053097P9053100P9053102P9053103P9053107P9053110P9053115P9053121P9053124P9053126we saw so many elk and one bone-fide, hissing elk fight! of course i had to try on the antlers.

i loved our blustery, wild, foggy adventure on a little golden peninsula jutting into the open sea. there was hardly anyone else there. it was good for the soul.



  1. Words cannot express how awesome you are. I am so lucky that you ever let me come along on your adventures.

  2. i hope you kept that shedhorn. my friend from forks would be appalled if you did not. perfect first picture to puntuate your title.

  3. You are awesome! And an amazing writer! I hope you don't mind, I'm officially your newest blog-stalker!

  4. What a beautiful post! Love your photography skills! You are quite amazing...all around!

  5. mom, you always seem to compliment my photography the most on posts when I have credited the photos to someone else. Kelsey takes good pictures, huh?