one wonderful sunday

some of my loveliest friends were in the bay area for a wedding over labor day weekend. they came into the city on sunday and it was so fun to spend the day with them and other pals of the bride & groom. we had a picnic in golden gate park and i took everyone to go see the dahlia garden. i got a little flack for my drama when i said they would just die when they saw the spectacular flowers, but they were pretty dazzled.

2ec155ac8c22459e8cf0f7578708c27c_7315983_765114603974_193301853_36733077_1517460185_nDSC_0202lisa and jen are two of my absolute favity faves.
DSC_0234i met these girls during my semester at byu, and i think they all are extraordinary.
DSC_0238_1DSC_0239not sure whose idea these poses were, but i’m so happy about them.
i’m pretty sure i helped god create dahlias before the world began. i love love love them.
DSC_0260we also had to say a quick windy hello to the ggb…check out the hair salad in this pic!

church+picnic+dahlias+dear friends+new friends+the golden gate bridge+laughing over evening crepes=one of the most wonderful sundays ever.


  1. This is random but in this post and the post about baby V. I have know someone in each of the posts. What a small world. Jen's sister Steph was my roommate last semester. Also Abby is my dear friends husband's sister. Do you know Isaac Smith?

  2. i wish every sunday could be like that. i really love you char.

  3. That really was one of the best Sundays ever. Also, glad to be a favity fave.
    (Karen - cool! how do you know Charity?)

  4. Amazing hair salad!