my girls nikki and laura and i went to see the world-famous monterey bay aquarium on labor day. i had been itching to go see those jellies for months! and they did not disappoint. the aquarium was neato, and the mini-roadtrip was just such a fun little adventure!

in this tank there was a great white shark and a ginormous alien-looking mola fish, but my favourite part was definitely the sardines darting around like crazy – a flashy swimming ballet of thousands of fish!
 IMG_3854IMG_3859IMG_3866IMG_3869IMG_3872SAM_1648 (Small)SAM_1643 (Small)SAM_1645 (Small)
here we are inside a clam, clearly. we were blown away with all the cool, beautiful things to see.
outside the aquarium there were loads of seals lounging on the beach. we also saw some otters out at sea!
we had a yummy lunch in the adorable town of monterey overlooking the sun and ocean.
IMG_3883IMG_3888SAM_1664 (Small)
the weather worsened and worsened, but that didn’t stop us from exploring pretty beach alcoves and cruising the 17-mile drive to carmel. what a sweet california day.

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