meet the roomies


i have great roommates and i am thankful for them. a few weeks ago we threw a harvest/autumn themed party. we had a carmel apple bar with dozens of toppings, donut-on-a-string competitions, candles and luminaries and twinkle lights, and a rockin’ dance floor. it was pretty wild.

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after staying up so so late, the next morning at 8am we went to check out the half moon bay pumpkin festival together. i love that my roomies would roll out bed and head down the coast with me. rad girls i’ve got here in this house.

we busted out some sweet moves to the country music. a few weeks before this we were all at a big dance birthday party and i realized how much i scored with roommates when i saw my roomies were the ones breaking a sweat really dancing while others tapped their feet on the sidelines.
these prize-winning pumpkins weigh nearly a ton each! we met up with our friend marcie.
we ate pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin smoothies for breakfast and then decided to try some pumpkin mac n cheese and pumpkin pizza for lunch! mmmmboy.

i really do feel so blessed to live with these roll-outta-bed-dance-your-guts-out girls. living with roommates (and i’ve had such stellar ones) is a great component of single life, don’t you think?


  1. Those pumpkins are incredible! As our the beautiful roommates, including you!