my 2nd annual fleet week

since i have lived in the city by the bay over the year, i can now make fabulous san francisco events annual traditions. as much as i adore doing new things, there is something really great about doing the same thing over again, remembering and improving.

josephine and i watched the fleet week air show together last year, so we planned to get together again this year to enjoy the energy of the city and oooh and aaahhh at the blue angels in the blue sky. we met at the ferry building and the streets were throbbing with people and excitement. it seems like everyone is out and about enjoying life and sf during fleet week. we walked along the piers and when we got to 39, i demanded that jo ride the carousel with me.


i kind of have a thing for carousels. i couldn’t pass it up! here’s jo’s “i-can’t-believe-i’m-doing-this-with-you-(but-i’m-really-deep-down-loving-it)” face:


they had this turney thing on the carousel (already a turney thing itself) like the teacups at disneyland. we decided to forgo the horses and spin. holey smokes. i haven’t giggled and squealed that much in a really long time. we were going so fast and could hardly breathe we were laughing so hard.


the planes started doing their thing as we walked along the harbor. we stopped at in-n-out for a burger, which is just what we did last year too. seriously, i think those $2.50 treasures are heaven.


we took the cable car to a rooftop going away party for josephine’s childhood friend and my new friend marissa. she is moving to spain! all the way up the steep hills the planes whooshed overhead and people stood with open jaws and bent necks along the sidewalk.


the party had some pretty sweet views, the weather was glorious, and the show was amazing!

IMG_3917IMG_3919IMG_3924IMG_3941IMG_3929 IMG_3931IMG_3925
there were so many people out on their roofs. it was neat to look out and see everyone up high enjoying.IMG_3949IMG_3951

after the show, jo and i walked down crooked lombard street to golden boy pizza and ate in washington square park. it was perfect!


then, after sunset i met kelsey at our secret rooftop to watch the fleet week fireworks. well, turns out they set those sparklers off muuuuch later than we thought. so – we sat and talked on the roof for a couple hours, huddled close to keep warm. it was weirdly fun, pleasant and happy. and, of course, the views were breathtaking!

IMG_3962 IMG_3966 IMG_3971
that tall building on the very right is where the battery kiosk where i work is. man, i love this city.

we finally gave up on the fireworks and headed home, and just then they started exploding in the sky, so we walked down the street marveling.

sometimes i really think i wouldn’t mind if i had my 35th or 50th annual fleet week in san francisco; yes, sometimes it feels like i should never, ever leave this city!


  1. I wish I had the same enthusiasm for North Wales as you have for San Fran but really it's not comparing like with like is it!!
    I am jealous about several things in this post but probably the biggest thing is the fact you are at In-N-Out...I seriously need one of those in my life!
    Also, the sky is so blue and clear in these pictures! For once - no fog! Byron peeks over my shoulder when I'm reading your blogs and always comments 'Well California doesn't look that hot or sunny to me' so now I can show him this one and convince him otherwise :)
    and I LOVE the pictures of you on the spinny thing on the Carousel! x

  2. i love you a heck of a lot. i wish i could have watch fireworks with you.

  3. I am ashamed to say I have lived in this city for 3 years now and have never seen fleet week. Sad sad sad. But it sounds AMAZING! And those pictures you took were perfect! Beautiful. Also, I LOOOOOOOOVE carousels! Truly I do! I'm especially fond of the one at pier 39!

  4. HOW FUN! You can truly find the most amazing things to do, see and think! I'm am blessed to be your mother!