come fly with me


every december our church congregation of young single adults in san francisco holds a “ward service auction” to raise money for a worthy local charitable cause. last year my (then) new friend laura won the most spectacular item being auctioned – a scenic bay area flight in fellow ward member brynn’s family plane. that night, i facetiously showered laura with compliments and favors thinking flippantly “wouldn’t it be stinking awesome to get to be her guest in the 4 passenger plane??” i was astonished, flattered and so, so, so excited when a few weeks ago she actually invited me to accompany her on this long awaited adventure!

it was a pretty cloudy and hazy day in the bay, but we got to the little concord airport just as the sun said hello and the skies cleared just enough for a spectacular cruise in the air. it was so exciting to be in that little plane with laura, brynn, and brynn’s dad, our pilot.


i felt completely safe and completely happy, and i’m pretty sure my constant oohs, ahhs, squeals and swoons were quite annoying to everyone else on their headsets. it was just so neat to be above everything, and see my beloved city like i never have before. here’s what we saw:

laura got to fly the plane herself, right as we saw the golden gate bridge in the distance!

up in those clouds, i was on cloud 9. thanks laura for bringing me along – it was awe.some!



  1. ah! thank you for these pictures! you are the best - this is freaking awesome

  2. I'm one of your blog stalkers...and that pilot is my cousin!!! It's a small world...

  3. There's nothing quite like flying a small plane. Awesome when it's over a bay or lake as well.

  4. Your friend could not have picked a more enthusiastic flying companion! Love you, Chare!

  5. I was going to say the EXACT same thing Jane said. Oh how I would have loved to be there over the GGB with you.