dollhouse christmas

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my roommates and i decided that we had three really good reasons to have a little party one week before christmas day: 1. the gorgeous tree we cut down deserved admiration from all our friends, 2. mindy went crazy decorating and our house looks absolutely magical and 3. i am moving out and we needed to celebrate my time in “the dollhouse” (as our home has been dubbed by members of the san francisco singles’ ward). so – we threw a classy, yummy little soiree on sunday evening and it was…dare i say?…magical.

after church, we baked for literally hours and hours. i loved every minute (and all the sneaks i took of cookie dough). we had quite the spread for our guests, including “hot cocoa stirrers” i made out of marshmallows, chocolate, candy canes and straws. i was completely obsessed with them. my new addiction to pinterest is already paying off:
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mindy was the master baker…we were all her apprentices. beth made chex mix with santa hats made out of bugles! wow. aubrey decided no party is complete without cheez-its.PC180754
we had so many fun guests, including puppy roxy, dressed as mr. claus! he belongs to our friend andre.
stacia, amanda, banner, joe and rachel // charity and roxyPC180739PC180784
michelle, charity, josephine // steph, charity, jae (and his stache)
stacy, julie and charity
charity, steph and laura (and my hot cocoa stirrers!!!)
beth, aubrey, tim, anisha, holly, janet and emily
kevin, melissa, charity, henry and krystle
i love all the diverse friends i have here in the city. everyone is interesting and has something cool to offer. and i really, really love my roommates. we are all so different and have had so much to learn from each other. living in this house, with these women, is one of the best things fate has brought me. i will miss living here a whole lot.
i can’t decide which picture i like better…
farrah, mindy, charity, janet, beth, emily and aubrey (jana was in canada, and we missed her so much!)
really, really awkward pose – not sure what we’re trying to do here. but man, i love these girls.

after cleaning up and unplugging the lights, beth, janet, aubrey and stayed up late in the kitchen in our pjs giggling. late nights with roommates is a true happy about this season of life.

merry christmas from the dollhouse girls!

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