happy, holy days

christmas eve and christmas day with the looslis in ogden:IMG_5182
traditional “jerusalem supper” on christmas eve – by candlelight and in character
(mary and joseph’s last meal before they head out on the donkey for bethlehem)
acting out the nativity story
the one gift of christmas eve (can you guess what it was?)
early the next morning:
after singing carols {loud} on the stairs to wake up parents, uncovering stocking treasures
a little excited to go downstairs to see if santa came
the big fat man in his red coat certainly delivered for these kids!
and jared got just what he asked for! purple q-tips!
eyre traditional eggs benedict for breakfast! best meal of the year.IMG_5218
we went to church for an hour (which was wonderful – sunday is the perfect day for christmas!)
and switched back into our pajamas immediately for more present opening!
saren and i randomly got the exact same oh-so-cozy slippers (from different people!)
super fancy christmas dinner – with christmas crackers and still pajamas!
too bad we were so full from all the treats throughout the day that we could hardly fit any turkey in!

***the very best part of the day was doing a "google plus hangout" with nearly my whole family (minus jonah and his family in hawaii). we all got on the internet with webcams and showed off our presents and shared some christmas love. shawni and her family, along with josh, were on the way to a party in arizona (and my niece was on her new longboard cruising down the street, and my 14-year-old nephew was practicing driving!), saydi was using her new mac in boston while her kids showed us what santa brought (including a real bell from his sleigh!), tal kept his camera right on new baby annina in new york city and my mom and dad and eli also waved from the big apple, and noah and his family hollered from their car somewhere in the middle of nevada (en route to utah from california). amazing. right when i went to take a screen shot of all the wonderful, wonderful chaos, our computer died! but that was by far the highlight of my christmas.***

sheesh i love christmas.

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  1. That was almost as good as being there! Super fun to see. Thanks for sharing!