25 January 2012

2011: a year in books

last january, i made a goal to read 25 books in 2011. weeeeell, i didn’t exactly make my goal. BUT i did read 15 books over the course of the year, which all delighted, inspired, entertained, moved and/or uplifted me in different ways. i have dog-eared so many pages in these magnificent volumes, and i wish i had a brain that allowed me to remember all the goodness in them. i sighed at luscious passages of gorgeous description, became engrossed in brilliant storytelling, laughed out loud many times and certainly shed a tear or two in the midst of these 15 books.

the power of the written word is a phenomenon of beauty that transcends this world. i love reading good books.



  1. im gonna read some of these. you are an inspiration in these things. already ordered two of them from the library. love to you.

  2. Those are some good books. I haven't read Mansfield Park in years but I loved that book!

  3. Awesome Charity! Love the stuff you're doing. I found your blog a while ago and check it a lot.

  4. I LOVE The Little Prince! We read it in French class and it's definitely one of my all-time favorite books :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Saw so many of my loves on here...particularly Man's Search for Meaning. I love that and The Hiding Place so much. You gave me some great ideas. Wish you were closer! Would loved to have discussed those gems with you!

    PS I feel the same way about my brain and always feel torn between wanting to reread old favorites and wanting to explore new amazing tales!


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