utah home, part 2


on christmas eve, i found out my brother and his family were driving to utah from san diego after church on christmas day. that surprise was the best christmas present of all! i got to meet my brand new nephew, baby bennett on december 26, and thus began a great week of inter-holiday goodness in home sweet utah home.

3 things i didn’t like too much about the week: 1. getting sick (yuck!), 2. no snow (boo!) and 3. spending long days studying for the gre. (confession: that is a semi-lie. i secretly enjoyed the studying – at my parents’ house or the cool public library downtown – just a little.) i took the big test on december 29 and i’m so glad it’s done!

BUT! 3 things i loved about the week: (besides the trump-all of being with family – more on that later)

1. hanging out at my alma matter: good old east high.
my brother played in an alumni basketball tournament and i went to cheer his team on (go class of ‘99! they won the big trophy). i honestly think that i have spent more time in that gym than almost any other single room on earth, besides my residences. i went to at least 3 games a week there during basketball season almost every year from when i was 8 until i was 18. it felt weirdly awesome to be back. and i snapped right back into my intense cheering-for-my-brothers mode. my heart was beating so fast when the semi-final was a close one (won at the buzzer!). there were maybe a dozen people in the stands, but nonetheless i still cheered my heart out.


when i took my niece to the bathroom, we noticed that someone had put all the senior class panoramic photos on one wall in the hallway. we found 8 of the 9 eyre kids in their class photo (it only went back to 1989, and my oldest sister graduated from 1988). all of us were leopards, and went through the same traditions and teachers. i love that. i snapped a picture of the classy class of 2004 picture:


we went to get a burger at hire’s big h after one night of basketball, which is classic. i also have a lot of memories in that place.

2. going to my home ward (the congregation/chapel where i went to church growing up).
every time i get to visit the monument park 17th ward i just love it so dang much. there are so many familiar, kind faces, and i am reminded of how blessed i am to have so many incredible examples and friends of all ages in the homiest part of my hometown. it was so fun especially to see some girls who i went through the youth program with. they are such a special (trite word, but what else works?) part of me. when i’m at the home ward, it just feels like i can see my childhood so well, and so rosy.

3. seeing dear, dear, dear friends.
catherine, who just had a baby in august, told me that her christmas wish was to have a couple hours away from her beloved but hard mothering duties to be with her girlfriends. i told her i could definitely make that happen. i gathered up 7 of catherine’s besties (lucky me – they also happen to be my favity faves too!) and we went to lunch at the dodo. it was sublime. truly. i love these women a heck of a lot.


i also got to spend some quality time with cath’s baby boy, sam:


and go for a chilly, pretty mountain walk with these two beauties:


julie, brittany and i were in dc together summers ago. i loved showing them the trail up the mountain that is basically my parents’ backyard. the old snow sure was crunchy, but the world was beautiful and crisp.
i’ve also been able to see some other friends here and there, which has been altogether delightful.

yes, it’s so home here – from east high to the crestview chapel to hire’s and the dodo to the mountains. i love utah.


  1. such a great utah recap. makes me miss you! and good ole' EHS. think if we tried to put that cheer uniform on right now...i know i'd be busting out of it...it'd be funny just to see what'd happen! and duh, hello the dodo with those girls looks so delish...that's our spot darlin'! can't wait to grab a sandwich with you there someday and have a long chat--the phone was great today, but nothing like being there in PERSON!

    good luck with this big next phase of your life. i'm excited to hear the play by play. 2012 is our year!

  2. My mom also went to East High...back in the day.

  3. What a fabulous Utah trip! So glad you had a great time!

  4. I love seeing the picture of all you girls! Miss you all a lot!