world’s best bike route?

  there is nothing quite like the classic golden gate bridge bike ride on a sunny saturday.


the adventure, which i’ve done quite a few times, always with a perma-smile, goes like this:
-rent bikes at sports basement at crissy field
-ooh and ahh at the views from the top of the hill
-bike across the iconic, gorgeous, fantastic, vermillion bridge, and stop at both of the towers to take it all in
-walk bikes under the bridge
-enjoy the views at vista point
-cruise down the thrilling hill into charming-beyond-charming sausalito
-eat something super yummy and walk along the harbor
-park bikes in the ferry and stand on deck while cutting through the bay past alcatraz and into the skyline
-delight in the ferry building and/or fishermans’s wharf
-bike past ghiradelli square, through a gorgeous park, fort mason, and the marina
-return bikes
-ask yourself: is this really my life?!

last weekend i took the excursion with a group of both new and old friends. and gosh, it was great.

it was such a nice warm day, and eric and i decided there was no good reason not to take a quick dip in the beautiful sausalito town square fountain.

i’ve been going up to the city every weekend since i moved to palo alto. i just can’t stay away. i’m worried i am keeping myself from what the peninsula has to offer. i have such a ginormous desire to embrace my new life, every bit, but i just can’t seem to find the energy!  i’m learning about patience and process.

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  1. Hi Charity I'm Megan Brink, Jana Eliason's little sister. I have a friend coming to San Francisco this Friday and I want to show him the city! My sister showed me this post and I was wondering if I could get more details (directions, prices, etc.), this looks so fun! If you could get back to me that would be great! or 209.224.4117 thanks!