pothiers in san francisco

2011-11-27 San Francisco 41319

the day after thanksgiving my sister shawni and four of her kids came to visit me in san francisco.

having the pothiers here was so, so, so dreamy. i had been looking forward to it for months. when i went to the airport to pick them up i had butterflies of happy anticipation going crazy. i had been wanting to show my city to my sister and her kids for so long. i was breathlessly excited.

and we had such an awesome weekend together. the weather was not great, which was tragic, since i had been wanting to show shawni the gorgeousness of san francisco sunshine light (that photographer sure loves pretty light). i can’t tell you how many times i have seen a spectacular scene in sf and wished with all my heart that my sister shawni was with me to appreciate it and capture it. i think she and i got the same thrill-with-beautiful-things gene. i guess the overcast skies we got are just a reason for shawni to come back soon and see the city in a whole other light some sunny weekend!

for a couple weeks after the pothiers left, i felt this huge gap and longing. every single day i wished that i would have loved having them here more! but i’m not sure how i could have. it was so so so so so so so so so (are you getting the point) so so so fantastic.

so now i am going to drop a whole lotta photos. i planned a pretty extensive itinerary for the pothiers and we covered a lot of ground and had loads of fun. i think my favourite parts though are those that aren’t pictured: building a fire and playing games at my house, staying up late talking in bed with shawni, and all the inbetweens of seeing cool things where we were just together.

ready? here’s an outrageous number of un-captioned pictures. i think you’ll get where we are at and what we are doing. a lot of shawni’s commentary on her blog is about how cold it was and how much walking and waiting we did. it’s funny the things you get used to living in the city.

day 1 – haight-ashbury, alamo square, hayes valley, ike’s place, tenderloin mural, chinatown, trolley car, north beach, lombard street, washington square and golden boy pizza, bus ride to union square, tree lighting and pretty holiday windows

2011-11-25 San Francisco 405892011-11-25 San Francisco 405902011-11-25 San Francisco 406212011-11-25 San Francisco 406252011-11-25 San Francisco 40638 2011-11-25 San Francisco 40656 2011-11-25 San Francisco 406492011-11-25 San Francisco 406592011-11-25 San Francisco 406802011-11-25 San Francisco 406872011-11-25 San Francisco 406932011-11-25 San Francisco 406992011-11-25 San Francisco 407212011-11-25 San Francisco 407232011-11-25 San Francisco 407262011-11-25 San Francisco 407322011-11-25 San Francisco 407442011-11-25 San Francisco 407512011-11-25 San Francisco 407752011-11-25 San Francisco 407772011-11-25 San Francisco 407842011-11-25 San Francisco 407882011-11-25 San Francisco 407922011-11-25 San Francisco 407992011-11-25 San Francisco 408072011-11-25 San Francisco 408232011-11-25 San Francisco 408602011-11-25 San Francisco 408632011-11-25 San Francisco 408682011-11-25 San Francisco 408672011-11-25 San Francisco 408802011-11-25 San Francisco 408822011-11-25 San Francisco 40887

day 2 – bike across the golden gate bridge, sausalito and the ferry past alcatraz, ferry building, pier 39 and fisherman’s wharf, ghiradelli square, biking along crissy field, and tacos in the mission
  2011-11-26 San Francisco 40904  2011-11-26 San Francisco 40918 2011-11-26 San Francisco 409122011-11-26 San Francisco 409302011-11-26 San Francisco 409352011-11-26 San Francisco 409372011-11-26 San Francisco 409652011-11-26 San Francisco 409762011-11-26 San Francisco 40971 2011-11-26 San Francisco 40987 2011-11-26 San Francisco 40995 2011-11-26 San Francisco 41008 2011-11-26 San Francisco 41018 2011-11-26 San Francisco 410342011-11-26 San Francisco 410382011-11-26 San Francisco 41057 2011-11-26 San Francisco 41065 2011-11-26 San Francisco 410782011-11-26 San Francisco 410882011-11-26SanFrancisco410952011-11-26 San Francisco 411072011-11-26 San Francisco 411082011-11-26 San Francisco 41122

day 3 – wandering around stanford campus and playing in the leaves, baker beach and stunning views in the marin headlands
2011-11-27 San Francisco 41125 2011-11-27 San Francisco 41136  2011-11-27 San Francisco 411402011-11-27 San Francisco 411662011-11-27 San Francisco 411732011-11-27 San Francisco 41174 2011-11-27 San Francisco 411512011-11-27 San Francisco 411902011-11-27 San Francisco 411942011-11-27 San Francisco 41203  2011-11-27 San Francisco 412192011-11-27 San Francisco 412382011-11-27 San Francisco 412242011-11-27 San Francisco 412582011-11-27 San Francisco 41321 2011-11-27 San Francisco 41308 2011-11-27 San Francisco 41311 2011-11-27 San Francisco 413432011-11-27 San Francisco 413512011-11-27 San Francisco 41359  2011-11-27 San Francisco 413562011-11-27 San Francisco 413832011-11-27 San Francisco 413842011-11-27 San Francisco 41394

dear reader, you deserve a medal for making it to the bottom of this obnoxiously long post. but great pictures, huh? i love those pothiers so, so, so, so. and having them here was just the best.


  1. me too. thanks for the reminiscing. i am so happy for you in your new life and that you are embracing it.

  2. Loved it, thanks for sharing!! Gorgeous pics and people...love those SMILES!!!


  4. It just put a BIG smile on my face all the way through. Love thinking about your great kids being together, even if it's without us! Now another bunch is together in Puerto Rico. FUN!

  5. Charity-what a great post. What great colors and places in the photos. So awesome!!!!! You all look so happy together. Love you!!!

  6. So cute Charity!! Those pictures were fantastic! And your oldest niece looks a lot like you! Is that so fun!?