rick and linda passing through


my parents came through the bay area last week for a speech. they’d just returned home from puerto rico and new orleans a few days before they headed to my turf. after 2 days here, they headed to phoenix and then on to hawaii! what a life, huh? they are the best travelers i know. i wonder where my wanderlust comes from?!

i was so, so excited for mom and dad to get here. i picked them up at the san jose airport and we sat in traffic under a gorgeous sunset for a long time. i took them to twin peaks for a magnificent, glimmering, clear view of the city i adore, and then we walked through union square and down market street to the slanted door at the ferry building. i had been wanting to try this restaurant for ages.

there aren’t too many things i love more than a good meal with my ‘rents. the food was divine! the sparkly view of the bay bridge was stunning! the company and conversation was so good for my soul.

the next night after work i met mom and dad at the south san francisco conference center for their speech for the entrepreneurs' association of san francisco and silicon valley. i’ve hear my parents speak uncountable times, but every time it is genuinely so enjoyable and enriching, and i love talking to people afterwards about how much they love my mom and dad.

after the dinner event, we went to a late showing of extremely loud and incredible close. i loved the book and had recommended it to linda and rick. we all thought the movie was excellent, and we had the theater all to ourselves. right up there with a good meal with my parents is a good post-movie discussion with my parents.

i love them. a lot.


  1. Charity, you look like such a perfect mixture of your parents, it's so fun to see! Love it!

  2. Even more fun for us! Thanks for taxi-ing us around and for being such an important part of our speech. Wish we could have you always!