weekend glory

i’ve never gloried in weekends quite like i do now. oh, weekends are so sweet.

last friday i went straight up to the city after work, and met some friends from wellesley for a yum meal at a new chinese-fusion restaurant tucked into a corner of downtown called heaven’s dog. the food wonders of san francisco are inexhaustible. can you tell from the picture of empty plates that we quite liked the meal?


after, i met up with kelsey for some wandering in the castro district (always colorful and alive), a long heart-to-heart (aren’t those the best) and a sleepover. in the morning we went to brunch at plow cafe in portero hill.


I LOVE SATURDAY BRUNCH – yes, that severe fact deserves big, ugly capital letters. i love it so so so much. a few weeks ago kelsey and i went (cameraless) to zazie in cole valley and ate bacon eggs benedict and walnut caramelized banana french toast on the blithe and charming back patio, and last week we decided to check out plow. kelsey and i were born to be saturday brunch partners. our sharing habits are perfectly matched, and i can’t think of many people in the world i would rather share a delectable meal and morning conversation with.


the food at plow was in-credible. honestly, i am still thinking about it several times a day. we went pretty qucikly from this (lemon ricotta pancakes, chicken apple sausage, the most aaaaamazing crispy potatoes in the universe, and scrambled eggs // french toast with mascarpone and red wine poached pears with a side of bacon):


to this (i’m pretty sure i savored every single morsel):


next kels took me to a gorgeous coastal overlook. mmmmm i adore northern california, even that biting wind that kept us out of the car for a total of about 4.75 minutes.

P2184698 P2184685

then we headed to the pacifica chapel for the baptism of my dear friend and old co-worker, kaity! despite the true incredibleness of those crispy potatoes, this was by far the highlight of the weekend. kaity first came to church with me a few months ago and it has been so fun to watch (although it had to be from afar after christmastime!) her find answers to her questions and decide to be baptized. she is such a pearl of a girl with such a good heart and such strong faith. i was thrilled to be able to speak at her baptism.


don’t you love how kaity spruced up her baptism outfit?! i’ve never seen someone look so good in those white jumpsuits! she was so chic! the baptism service was beautiful, and i am so happy for kaity and her new membership in the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints.

saturday night i cooked myself something delicious and watched episode after episode of downton abbey in my pjs in my cozy bed, which was about the best thing ever. {if you haven’t gotten into downton abbey – oh my. i especially love it because i have been to the castle where it was filmed!} and sunday rounded off the weekend with church and a family home evening potluck. yes, yes, i like my life! and i looove my weekends!


  1. "I think that the reason she always uses all those wierd words because she always teaches us what words mean."
    I just read this to A and C. One of their homeschool assignments is going to be reading our blog posts. They desperately need new adjectives and less "umms"

  2. I remember feeling that way about about weekends when I started working full time. Aren't they just the best?! Sounds like you had a good & delicious one!

  3. How fun to see al of this! Give Katie a big hug for us! That is awesome!

  4. I feel like after being featured on Charity's blog, I am on my to internet stardom. Also, remember those potatoes? They were ok.

  5. Oh char bear you sure know how to have a good time. Love you!

  6. I've NEVER seen anyone spruce up those baptismal jumpers pre-baptism! That was awesome!!