fight love live


in 1915, work began to build a new home for one of california’s wealthiest gold mine owners in woodside, a little town on the eastern slope of the santa cruz mountains. over the next two years, william bourn and his wife oversaw the transformation of their land into a gorgeous estate. they named it filoli after their life credo: “fight for a just cause, love your fellow man, live a good life.” when the bourns died, the home and gardens were gifted to the state as a place for all to come and enjoy. and remember to fight love live.

last sunday katherine (my co-worker who i happen to have known since i was a little girl!) took me to filoli to show me its wonders. and oh! i sure dripped with passion.

it was a euphorically sunny day, and the cheerful daffodils were at their peak, accompanied by tulips and magnolias in full bloom. i could hardly handle how beautiful everything was – i couldn’t stop swooning. it was a little slice of heaven that sunday afternoon.

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good for the soul. the world is beautiful. and no, we did not plan the blue and white stripe thing.
fight – love – live


  1. you're really pretty

  2. where the heck is that skirt from?! also, i really miss talking to you.

  3. got my blog post posted and checked this....and man, I want to go there! with you. Wish I could travel by map.

  4. Oh, and I second the anonymous are really pretty.

  5. okay, i'm jealous! I wish we lived just a little bit closer so I could hang out with you! Cute stripes by the way- you look adorable as always. Oh, and thanks for being so sweet with your compliment about my hair! let's plan on getting together soon- and I am serious! xo

  6. Great skirt and gorgeous flowers! There are some flowers that are just meant to be happy and make others happy to see them. What a beautiful day!