guilty pleasures


maybe the bachelor is my guilty pleasure. imagine my delight when i realized this ridiculous television show is also my (uber-smart) co-worker’s guilty pleasure, too! when we need a break from intellectual talk and brain work at the office, we gab about bachelor ben and all the drama with the girls. we decided we simply must have a finale party to watch ben ask that epic question - “will you accept this rose?” – for his last time.

we schemed up quite the little soirĂ©e, complete with treats to represent the bachelor and his final two women (you’ll only understand the symbolism if you’ve watch the show): “black widow” spider cupcakes for courtney, oatmeal whoopie pies for lindzi (this one was a bit of a stretch, but remember, horses eat a lot of oats), and bottles of “wine” to represent ben. we also had ring pops and red roses – obviously.

we had lots of fun and some hilarious commentary, devoured sweets and truly bad television, and giggled like teenagers.


we all need a guilty pleasure, right?


  1. You funny girls! Those cookies look "to die for"! That cooking bug has really got you! Can't wait for you to come home and try them out on us!

    Can't wait to see the party post from last night! Happy St. Patrick's Day (thank goodness for reasons to celebrate)!

  2. The spider cookies are hilarious & clever. Love the guilty pleasure!

  3. so... I'm more of a bachelorette kind of girl. BUT, our photographer for our wedding is the photographer for the bachelor. and he's coming out for a shoot with ben in july. SOOO. I'll keep you posted on the gossip.

  4. SO fun! i'm gone for 10 days. When i get back, you have to come for dinner!