true simple pleasure


i think one of the truest simple pleasures of life is friend dates. there’s just something about meeting a good pal and enjoying lunch or dinner and conversation together that makes me so organically happy.

this week i got to meet missy at a venezuelan place in the city for a quick lunch. missy and her husband are moving from san francisco back to utah, and i am so bummed. this girl and i have had lots of little friend dates over the past couple of years, and have talked about bigger friend adventures to be had every time. and now she has left the bay. she will be missed! the food was deeeeelicious!

i also had a sushi date with josephine and an ike’s sandwich date with kelsey this week. such wonderful simple pleasures.

speaking of, this morning i leapt out of bed (that is not normal) because i was so excited to watch general conference (which starts in 10 minutes). conference weekend makes me so happy!


  1. You + that Count of Monte Chase-O was the exact soul-healing mid-day feast I needed. Can't wait for bigger and better adventures ahead!

  2. I loved our lunch date in Thursday and every single one before that! I hope weave near each other again soon! Xoxo

  3. Love seeing you happy face. Let's talk!

  4. Oh Char. I love you. And I wish I could go on a lunch date with you right now.