china, india and arabia

jane showed me around the neat cultural neighborhoods in singapore.
it was like we went to china, india and arabia all in one afternoon!IMG_7480IMG_7484IMG_7491
i loved the bright buildings and shutters and the lanterns in chinatown.IMG_7493IMG_7494IMG_7496IMG_7497
see the laundry hanging out of the windows of that high rise?
we ate lunch at a hole in the wall place known for its homemade noodles.
jane’s husband blake showed us a pretty look-out point up a hill above chinatown.
we went in the buddhist temple right as a ceremony was beginning.
little india was equally as colorful as chinatown.
it was fun to find some things that reminded me of my time in india, like these flower stands:
 IMG_7526 IMG_7527IMG_7529
we checked out a bustling wet market in little india. i love southeast asian fruit stands,
even though the extremely pungent durian smell is always pricking our noses!IMG_7523IMG_7524
it started raining right as we got to arab street – but teetered off just enough for a picture with the mosque!IMG_7544
arab street is full of textile shops. we admired the all the patterns as we strolled.IMG_7540IMG_7541
we had dinner on orchard road (kind of like singapore’s 5th avenue) with a group of jane’s friends.
it was so fun to meet them, and the dumplings and fried rice were fantastic!
our last singapore sightseeing stop was clarke quay along the river, all lit up and buzzing at night.IMG_7549
i loved seeing singapore as jane’s city!


  1. I love all these posts and all the colors! Wow! I think I'm opposite of the other comment makers on the previous posts who say it gives them the travel bug... I instead feel satiated from reading your blog and almost feel like I've been there. I'm even getting jet lag. What does Eli call it? A blogacation? Anyway, love this all and can't wait to see more photos when you come to visit us. And SOOoooo glad you got some good hand-me-downs. Woot woot!

  2. AMAZING! When I first saw this title it kind of took my breath away because I thought you were planning your next trip! So glad that India, Arabia and China are all to be found in Singapore!

    Fabulous pictures. Oh the world is such a wonderful place! You guys really "covered the town"!