day 1: hot, humid and fantastic

after pilates, jane and i headed out to see the city under the scorching singapore sun. IMG_7281IMG_7286
we had lunch at this awesome hawker food center right in the middle of the financial district.
the place was packed with people on their lunch breaks. it was incredibly hot and stuffy! i loved the energy and buzz of it all. there were soooo many different food stalls to chose from!
here’s what we finally decided on:
we walked from the hawker center to the crazy (cool?) marina bay sands hotel. remember seeing that weird building in all the views i showed you in the last post?
there is a big mall at marina bay sands (singapore is fullll of huge, fancy malls), including canals and a floating louis vuitton store! on the rooftop of the hotel is the famous infinity pool, accessible only to hotel guests. unless – you happen to know the pool manager, which jane does!
we got snuck up to see the stunning views.IMG_7337IMG_7352IMG_7340IMG_7347
the views from the other side of the building were also pretty awesome – tons of shipping boats!
it was so hot and humid that day. we went to see the merlion – kind of like singapore’s mascot – and relished when the wind made the fountain’s spray mist on us.
and then we got a cold treat. i love how asians take the phrase “ice cream sandwich” literally and just slap ice cream into a piece of folded up bread! yep, i thoroughly enjoyed my mango ice cream slab wrapped up in muli-colored wonder bread!
jane, blake and i got some yummy indian food for dinner and then jane and i headed to the singapore zoo for the much acclaimed night safari. before we went in to see the animals, we decided to watch a fire dancing show. at the beginning, the main performer looked out over the crowd, paced back and forth, and then made eye contact with me and came straight for me. and suddenly, i was part of the show!
i really had no idea what was happening, but i held a balloon while another guy blew a dart at it, and then blew the dart myself. super random but funny memory!
at the night safari, they drive you around on a little tram and you get to see all the nocturnal (and lots of other) animals. there are no cages or fences and you get really close to the wildlife. it was really cool, but both jane and i had to literally fight to stay awake (having stayed up really late the night before and been drained by the hot sun all day – and my body was on california time!). we were delirious we were so tired. which made the neat atmosphere and experience just a little funny.

i had been to singapore once before (in 2005), but the city was totally new to me seeing it with jane. the sights were very cool, but the best part for sure was just seeing where jane lives and the places she frequents, and most of all just being together.


  1. WOW! You saw more of Singapore in those three days that we did in two visits! I think the stellar tour guide who knows where everything is and everybody who has an inside scoop. Love that girl. Such a fascinating place. Love the Merlion guy! The one out in the bay by Symphony Hall too!

    What a grand adventure!

  2. Oops, left out the word "helps" after scoop. Jet lag!

  3. What a trip! you officially succeeded in making me jealous.